How to get Microsoft 365 for free in 2020

As one knows, Any Computer system such as a Desktop and Laptop can be useful only with the Microsoft Windows or Microsoft 365 as its system. Microsoft 365 has got lots of new exciting features for various User types.

For Family, Business, Enterprise, and Education, respective Microsoft 365 versions with features are available.

Let us discuss many ways to get Microsoft 365 in 2020 as below –

  1. My Account login:
  2. One needs to select the Office icon on the Machine (or select from Programs Menu)
  3. One has to login with individual Microsoft Login id and password(if it is not available then needs to create one)
  4. One can select any App to work and save the document on Google Drive or Dropbox.

By Preinstalled Office:

  1. From the Programs menu, select and open any already installed Office software’s such as Excel, Word, or Power point.
  2. Login to account, and then select the option of activating Microsoft 365.
  3. You need to accept the Terms & Conditions and start using it.

Digital learning / Virtual Classroom access:

All students having a valid school email address can log in to their ID and will get Free Microsoft 365 Education version. This version includes additional features required in the school or virtual classroom learning purposes. These are Access, Teams, Publisher,Outlook,One Note apart from regular Word, Excel, and Power point.

From Microsoft Web Site:

One can visit  and can browse the link to get free Microsoft 365 in 2020. Here, the first month is free available for the trial of Microsoft 365.

The features included are 6 people user access granted, 6 TB of the cloud storage, and all latest platforms and AI-based tools are free for usage. All premium apps are also available for free use.

  1. By Softonic

One can download a safe and free version of Microsoft 365 via the Softonic web site especially for students and home users.

  1. By Google Chrome

One can also get Microsoft 365 as an App to get the download from Google Chrome. This isvery effective & most preferred way. Google chrome is already available in every system. “

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