How to install multiple MS Office versions on a single PC?

A number of problems may show up when you try to use several versions of Microsoft Office on a single computer. You might come across problems with the file association, equation editor, and so on. Therefore, experts suggest you to use a single version of Office on single device. Also, if you use the latest version of Office on your device, you do not need to use the older ones. But, sometimes, you need to use the older versions too because some files can only be opened in the older versions. Hence, if you wish to run more than one version of Office on your device, then you could do so without coming across hurdles. Here are some things you can try to make it work.

Cross-check the Bit count of all the Office versions

Since, you are not allowed to install Office versions of both the Bit counts i.e. 32-bit and 64-bit downloads, therefore, you are suggested to make sure that both the versions of the Office are of same Bit count. It applies for all the version of Office including MS Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, or Microsoft 365.

Install the multiple versions of Office chronologically

This means you should install the earlier version of Office first and then install the later ones. For example, install Office 2007 and then install Office 2010. The reason why you should do is because each installation involves a bunch of moving parts and has its own way of using shared programs, registry keys and so on.

The same process takes place for the Office programs that you might have purchased separately. Sometimes, each version requires you to follow a unique method of installation.

Note- this option is not available for Microsoft Outlook

In case a user tries to install a second version of Outlook on his device where a version of Outlook already exists, he won’t be able to do so. If you still try to do so, you will be prompted to either remove the previous version else you will not be able download the newer one.

You may face this problem with other suites of Microsoft Office such as Microsoft Access. Therefore, you should use the single versions of those programs whose multiple programs are giving you a tough time.

Try inserting OLE with earlier versions

Here, OLE Objects means Object Linking and Embedding. This is used for the same version of the program other than the one you are working on. For example, if you wish to work on two Excel sheets on the same time, you can insert one of the Excel sheets in a Word document.

When you use the OLE Objects technique, you can format the objects according the latest version of Office installed on your device.

In a conclusive viewpoint-

If you wish to install multiple versions of on a single device, then you are suggested to backup your files prior to that. In case there are important installation codes or keys, note them down as well because you might need them later.

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