How to find Microsoft Office product key?

The commercial software available in the market comes with some protection so that nobody can make an attempt to use it without any authorization. This is done by the manufacturers so that nobody can install or copy it without actually paying for it. For encrypting the software with some kind of protection the manufacturer enables a unique code for licensing it. Without this code, you will not be able to deploy the software on your device. This means we actually pay for the product key.

Office setup enter product key

There are other methods used by software makers to encrypt the software such as the serial number and so on. The same is the case with Office products. To install Office 365 on your devices, you need to have Office 365 product key. When you try to install your software, you will see a prompt saying “Office setup enter product key”. This means it is time when you have to enter the unique product key in the given field. But, what is the product key and where to find it?

What is the Office 365 product key?

This string of letters and/or numbers is a unique identifier that Office 365 software decodes to verify that you are using the licensed product. Office 365 product key is necessary to authorize the software’s installation and your eligibility for the product support. In the case of Office 365, the product key is encrypted inside the Windows Registry. This is the reason why searching for the activation code manually is practically impossible. You’ll find a series of numbers once you locate the correct registry key. You should also note that you will see the code in an encrypted format. These 25 alphanumeric characters are very necessary for activating the software.

Ways to find the Office 365 product key

It is not so difficult to find the product key for your Office subscription but the most important thing to consider while doing so s to recall the method through which you have made the purchase. This factor will determine the way through which you will find the key.

  • In case you have purchased the retail version of the Office product, then the first place where you may find is in the case of the disc. The product key for Office 365 retail version can be easily located on a bright sticker that is present inside the disc case. The code is usually split into groups of five and contains 25 alphanumeric characters. You should provide it during the time of installation when a prompt saying “Office setup enter product key” appears on your screen.
  • In case the software came pre-installed on your Windows device, you can easily find the multicolored sticker available on the installation disc that came with your device. If this key doesn’t work, then you may have to contact Microsoft for the product key replacement.
  • The users who made the online purchase of the software may find the key in the registered email address which they provided at the time of purchasing their software.
  • There are some key finders available for the users who are not able to find their product key with any of the recommended methods. These finders help a user to get hold of their actual and valid product key helpful in the installation of the software.


In case you are unable to complete the “Office setup enter product key” step because of the product key-related issues, then you may contact the experts for help. You should enter the activation code in the same manner as you see it because the code is case-sensitive.

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