Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of has all the information which a user needs to know in reference to how his information is used here. This page is specifically about PII i.e. Personal Identifiable Information. This is the type of information that a user is requested to share for seeking some services. This information is usually collected for contacting him, keeping a record, or to identify him. Therefore, a user is requested to go through this privacy policy very carefully so as to know how his information is used on this website.

Also, note that we, our, and us are referred to in this document.

When do we ( collect your information?

At our website, we do collect user information when they fill out a form for their queries, or they use our live chat facility. A user is not forced to share his information. It is solely his choice if he wishes to do so or not.

What personal information does collect from its website visitors?

Whenever you visit our website, use any of its services, go through the blogs, or request our support, you will be asked to share some information about yourself. When you share this info with us, you become liable to enjoy a smooth user experience. The information we collect is as follows:

  • Your full name
  • Valid email address
  • Contact number
  • Product information you are having an issue with
  • Other required information

How do we at office-myoffice use the information shared by you?

If you share your information with us, it means you have given us consent to use it for delivering you a good experience. Whenever a user registers for any service, subscribe to our newsletter services, completes a survey, or use any other service, his info is collected at that time. We may use it for the following reasons:

  • To deliver you high-quality and improved user experience at every step of your visit on this page.
  • To provide the service you have requested from us.
  • For making some specific and required changes.
  • Steps we take to ensure the privacy of your personal information
  • We are known to be a reputable and independent Office support service providers. We do not imply or use vulnerability scanning practices for the information shared by users.
  • We only share information through the blogs that anyone may go through on our website. Whenever you make any payment for receiving any kind of service, we do not store or expose your financial information.
  • Our website also uses measures for malware scanning that is done frequently on our website.
  • Office-myoffice does not make use of SSL certificates as well.
  • Also, we never ask for users’ credit card numbers.

What are cookies and do we use them?

These are tiny files sent to your system by certain websites or service providers so as to get an idea about your interests. This helps them to show you related content which ultimately enhances your experience.

Yes, we at do use cookies for the same purpose as mentioned above. We want to provide you with the best experience and therefore we do use cookies for knowing about your preferences. Doing this also helps us in checking and measuring website traffic.

Information about third-party disclosure

We do not sell, trade, loan, or share your information with any other third-party website. We strictly adhere to our policies and never make user information vulnerable.

About third-party links

You may come across some third-party links on our website which have their separate privacy policies. In case you go through those websites by tapping on any link, then you may be held responsible for it.

Children privacy doesn’t offer any kind of support services to the children under the age of 13. We strictly ask those children who wish to seek our services to take the help of elders. An elder can use our services on behalf of him because safeguarding children’s privacy is our concern.

For further information

Your privacy is our priority and hence you can trust us with your information. In case you are willing to know more about our policies or you have any doubts, then you may contact us or write to us.

Disclaimer** is an independent, third-party remote assistance provider. We are not Microsoft or any of its subsidiaries. We have no association with Microsoft and therefore we disclaim any kind of relationship with it. The facts, logos, images, brand name are the sole property of their owner i.e. Microsoft. In case you come across any third party link and you visit it, then it will be your sole responsibility because these links have their own policies. If you use any of the services of Office-myoffice, you will be doing it at your own discretion. We in no way should be held responsible for anything.